89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (2023)

I don’t think anyone here would be shocked if I said that most real estate company names these days are boring at best. So before you name your real estate company “Superior Realty,” check out our 89 examples of great real estate company names.

You can also avail yourself of our free real estate company name generator, review our 9 rules for choosing a great real estate company name, and read advice from five real estate branding experts. We hope these resources help you come up with an unforgettable name that expresses your brand.

89 Real Estate Company Names

Now that you (hopefully) know that naming your real estate business is important, here are 89 real estate company name ideas to help get the creative ball rolling. Please note that these are just ideas we came up with, so some might be real companies! If none of these inspire, use our real estate company name generator below the list.

Equitable Property GroupApogee Property AdvisorsLandmark Realty Group
Brick Lane RealtyBanyan Tree RealtyGranite Real Estate
Cobblestone Realty PartnersDriggs RealtyPinnacle Real Estate
Picket Fence RealtyMagnolia Group Real EstateBlue Reef Properties
Sterling Property AdvisorsCardinal RealtyHaven Group Real Estate
Carpe Diem RealtyForward Real Estate AdvisorsSeekers Realty
Home & Hearth RealtyCitadel Partners RealtyShipwright Realty
Bond & Main Real Estate GroupPrivet Group Real PropertySiren Partners Real Estate
Stellar Property AdvisorsCorsair Real EstateBluebell Real Estate
Bold RealtyBeacon Homes LLCLarkspur Partners Realty
Excelsior Real EstateWeathervane Group RealtyAgile Real Estate Group
The Viola GroupEchelon Private Client RealtyNestled Real Estate
Sequoia Real EstateBlack Oak RealtyFortune Team
Barrow Street RealtyFinders Group Realty LAFound Property Group
Orchard Street PropertiesLamplighters RealtyRise Real Estate
Blue Sky RealtyAdobe Property AdvisorsStrive Partners Realty
Silverbell RealtyPagoda Partners RealtyHerringbone Realty
Broadleaf HomesCapstone RealtyFlow Group Real Estate
Acuta Real EstateKeystone Group Real EstateBottom Line Realty
Summerwood GroupBlue Slate RealtyClosers Group Real Estate
Anchor Group Real EstateRed Coral RealtyPilot Property Group
Apogee Property AdvisorsGolden Meadows Property GroupTitan Real Estate
Axis Group Real EstateSunstone Property AdvisorsLighthouse Group Real Estate
Equinox Partners Real PropertyFull Circle Real EstateSummit Properties
Nova Group Real EstateJasper RealtyCatbird Estates
Lark HomesPlatinum Property AdvisorsFox Run Real Estate
Equinox Realty AdvisorsCottonwood Real EstateZenith Estates
Champion Real Estate AdvisorsSovereign RealtyPartisan Realty Advisors
Devoe PartnersFive Star Real PropertySeamless Property Advisors
Olive Tree RealtyDivine Nooks

The Close’s FREE Real Estate Company Name Generator 2.0

Since every single branding expert we talked to said the more real estate company names you come up with, the better, we decided to build this real estate company name generator to help you get started.

Generate Your Name

Warning: The company names produced by this generator were created by our team, but it is up to you to verify trademark status.

8 Rules For Great Real Estate Company Names

So by now you probably have a handful of names that you’re considering for your business. How do you choose THE name? Simple. Take the advice of people who have spent years branding companies and making the hard decisions that built great brands.

Download Your Free Real Estate Branding Guide

Since I have years of experience in real estate branding, I’ll get the ball rolling, and then we include some advice from some of the top branding professionals in the industry.

1. Avoid Puns, Pop Culture References & Cliches

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (1)

There’s a real estate company here in Brooklyn that for some inexplicable reason decided to name themselves after a world-changing, but now defunct social media platform. I won’t name names, but let’s just say it rhymed with pie face.

Keep in mind this was well after the platform’s long slow decline, and sure, it has a second meaning that works for real estate. OK, clever enough, but now they’re stuck with it.

I genuinely don’t think they ever thought they would be as successful as they are today. Seeing their name on a massive banner on exclusive new developments is more than a little odd. The cognitive dissonance makes most people pause for a second before asking something like, “You mean like the website?”

Even worse, while you and your friends might think your pun is hilarious (and as pun aficionados, we’d probably agree), will everyone find it clever? The answer, of course, is no. Many, many people, especially those who can make or break you with one deal, might find it cloying and unprofessional. So do yourself a favor and avoid using puns or cliches in your name.

2. Claim Your Social Media Accounts, Buy Your Domain & Build Your Website ASAP

Of course, as you might have already guessed, competition for online real estate is fiercer than the hottest seller’s market. That means you need to pull the trigger and get your social media accounts, domain name, and website as fast as humanly possible. For your website, you can buy a domain and hosting and throw up a placeholder “Coming Soon” page in less than five minutes.

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3. Pay Attention to How Your Company Name Sounds When Spoken Out Loud

One of the most important elements of the best real estate names is how they sound in the real world. Your name may look great on paper, but how will it sound when a former client is talking about your company over lunch with a friend? Will it be easy to pronounce and understand? Will it sound strong or weak? Professional or unprofessional?

One of the best ways to do this is to write down your name on a card and see if your friends, co-workers, and even strangers can pronounce it quickly and easily. Does it roll off the tongue or do they stumble trying to say it? Ask them if they like it or what it makes them think of without telling them it’s a real estate company.

4. Acronyms Matter, Especially for Longer Names

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (2)

Using an acronym as a stand-in for your name can be surprisingly useful. Which company sounds like they make cool laptops, IBM or International Business Machines? Which company offers you great food besides chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken or KFC?

If you go with your own name or a name combo for your team, then an acronym can be a great stand-in that’s easy to remember and spell. You can also use acronyms for other branding uses (assuming you keep the same font/color and style) you use for a brand mark, or for a domain name. So if your name is Kelly Smith Realtors, you can get a domain like KSRrealty.com.

Even if you don’t plan to use an acronym for your real estate name, make sure yours doesn’t connote anything lewd or tasteless. Franklin, Upland, Clark, and Kinsey might sound very stately and old money outside your law office, but uh …

5. Keep Your Geographic Farm Area in Mind

Real estate company names that work, work for the people you want to sell real estate to. It’s that simple. What good is an amazing name (The Dandy Warhols) if your clients don’t like it?

That means sitting down and figuring who your target clients are and what they need, want, and like is crucial to coming up with a name they will respond to or even tolerate.

(Video) How Apple and Nike have branded your brain | Your Brain on Money | Big Think

Are you working in retirement communities in Boca Raton or selling old warehouse spaces to hipsters in LA’s Arts District? As you can imagine, those two companies should have two very different names if they want to reach the right audience.

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6. Choose Real Estate Company Names That Can Scale With Your Business

The difficulty, of course, is that as you grow as an agent or brokerage, you will naturally want to expand your farm area. So before adding your current farm area to your name, ask yourself where you think you’ll be selling five years from now.

Try to come up with a name that has appeal to as many people as you can. You can even ask yourself, what would Uncle Phil think of this name? What would that hipster web developer I see at the coffee shop every morning think?

7. Come Up With as Many Names as You Can, Then Come Up With Some More

One of the least understood but most recognized aspects of the creative process is that the good stuff often sneaks up on you. You could struggle for days and days locked in a room with your co-founders and come up with nothing but crap, only to have the perfect name pop into your head in the shower. Welcome to the life of a creative!

According to the latest neuroscientific research into creativity, this idea actually has some merit. They’ll tell you that three elements need to come together for creative thinking: you must be in a relaxed state of mind, have an excess of dopamine, and be in a position to be easily distracted.

While this might lead some to believe they need to be in a warm bath with a glass of chardonnay to come up with a great real estate name, the reality is a bit trickier. Whatever you do, don’t skip the brainstorming sessions necessary to the ideation process! Get all your ideas up on the whiteboard. It’s a crucial step down the road to success.Only then will you be in a mindset where the good stuff just comes to you.

8. Shorter Is (Probably) Better

Apple. Google. Chase. Ford. Shenyang Hanking Hotel Management Company Limited. While all five of these are indeed real company names, it should be fairly obvious, if not intuitive, which ones work better. That’s because generally speaking, when it comes to branding, shorter is better.

As a general rule of thumb, any name over three words and 10 syllables starts to sound a little bit off. Of course, what you name your business is entirely up to you—just don’t be surprised when your agents and customers come up with a nickname for your too-long company name. Because pretty much no one says they just bought a new MacBook from Apple Computer Incorporated. It’s just way easier to say “Apple,” which is why Apple shortened its name to just Apple Inc. in 2007.

Real Estate Company Names: 5 Tips From Experts

We asked seasoned agents and brokers for their approach to choosing a real estate company name in a digital age. You can learn from their wisdom and experience so that your name choice will stand the test of time and become a great foundation for building your brand.

Signal Fresh, New & Meaningful Ideas to Clients

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (3)

Naming advice from Scott Milano, Founder & Managing Director: Tanj
Clients include:
Nike, Disney, Lamborghini, Nissan & Walmart

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (4)“Look at what your competitors are doing and do something different. Most likely the majority of players in your area are named after the founder. Don’t do that. Signal something fresh, new, and more meaningful to your clients beyond your own name. Name with the future in mind. If your current specialty is apartments, don’t limit yourself to a name like ‘ApartmentsNow’ because your business and focus could evolve in the future.

Aim for quality and quantity. Professional naming firms like Tanj create upward of 1,000-2,000 options when naming a single brand. You might not be able to get that kind of volume but aim to create more than just a handful of options to consider. The deeper you go, the more interesting and unique ideas will become. In the end, we recommend you vet your top options to avoid potential trademark conflicts.

Search Google for common law trademark issues and the USPTO for registered trademark issues related to real estate. Have your lawyer review them for issues too. The more options you push through this screening process, the more likely you’ll have a viable candidate at the end of everything.

Read our naming guide: Make a Name for Yourself: The Definitive Guide to Naming & Renaming Your Company. It’s chock-full of best practices for individuals and teams.”

Choose a Name That Signals a Client Benefit

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (5)

Naming advice from Shelley Whiddon, Managing Director, Strategy: Desantis Breindel
Clients include:
Pfizer, Aetna, Guggenheim, Logitech & Morgan Stanley

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (6)“For decades, brokerage firms were selling who you’d be working with, and as a result, many were named after a founder. But as both technology and rising expectations of the experience revolutionized the business, we’ve started seeing disruptors differentiating their offering with names that convey something more than just what they do or who they are. Names like Zillow, Redfin, and B6 evoke boldness, speed, and transparency, signaling a client benefit.”

Use Word Pairs, Alliteration & Nature Terms

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (7)

(Video) Taking our Baby Girl Home for the FIRST TIME!

Naming advice from Margaret Wolfson, Founder & Creative Director: River & Wolf LLC
Clients include:
Starbucks, Unilever, Burt’s Bees, The Home Depot & Samsung

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (8)“Think beyond the typical nature terms commonly found in real estate naming. Examples: Copper Canyon, Mulberry, Brookfield, Oak Hill, Stone Creek, Blue Wave, and so on. There is nothing wrong with these names—some are quite lovely. Copper Canyon, for example, makes great use of alliteration—the repetition of two consonants that sound alike (in this case the repeated hard ‘c’). But this tradition has largely been used up. It is no longer distinct. So think differently.

To get yourself out the door, explore real estate startups, VC funds devoted to real estate, and even apps, AI, and other new technologies emerging in the real estate space. Once you start exploring, you will encounter names like Flip, Rentberry, Cadre, 10100 (TenOneHundred), Fifth Wall, Home 61, and so on.

And if you do want to include nature, try partnering a nature term with another non-nature term—for example, Amitree, an online platform that helps homebuyers better manage the process.”

Think SEO, Brand Story & Timelessness

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (9)

Naming advice from Caroline Dominguez Brand Designer & Former Realtor: BLUEPRINT Brand Studio

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (10)“My best tip for real estate professionals looking to rename their businesses is threefold: First, consider SEO and searchability. While your business needs to stand out, the name must also be practical—what obvious keywords, relative to the housing/real estate industry, can you incorporate into your name and make it easier for buyers and sellers to find you online?

Second, be authentic. I always encourage my clients to pick a name that holds some significance or meaning in their lives or businesses. This sets the stage for your brand ‘origin story,’ giving you a launching pad to share your ‘why’ with potential clients.

Finally, put your creative hat on, but never stray from the simple and timeless. The beauty of the real estate industry is that it allows you to think outside of conventional parameters, but avoid overly trendy names that will fail to stand the test of time or change.”

Beta-test Your Top Choices

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (11)

Naming advice from Cary Brazeman, Principal: CRELIX Marketing Partners

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (12)

“Test the name with a wide group of diverse people. Even better, share your top two or three ideas and let them react. Their feedback may surprise you, and you may end up with a different favorite name than you started with!”

Next Steps:Building Real Estate Company Names Into Brands

Once you’ve put in the sweat equity to come up with a great name, the next step is to start crafting a brand around it. That means working with a designer to come up with a great logo, slogan, and some taglines that represent your brand well.

If you have a few more minutes, check out our , and then our Best Real Estate Slogans and Taglines article for more inspiration.

If you’re building a brokerage, check out these articles from 27-year industry veteran Sean Moudry’s series on how to build one from the ground up.

  • How to Start a Real Estate Brokerage (Without Going Broke)
  • 7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting My Real Estate Brokerage

Need more inspiration but short on time? Check out this excellent TED Talk from Jonathan Bell, Managing Director of Want Branding below. He covers what makes great company names tick in less than six minutes!

Your Turn

Has this guide helped you come up with a bulletproof real estate company name? Still have burning questions or just want to bounce some ideas off our team? Let us know in the comments.

89 Creative Real Estate Company Names (+ Our Name Generator 2.0) (13)


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What are good LLC names for real estate? ›

101 ideas for rental property LLC names
  • Ace Real Estate.
  • All Rentables.
  • Alpha Home Rentals.
  • American Dream Rentals.
  • Anne's Condo List.
  • Big Move Rentals.
  • Blue Sky Rental Real Estate.
  • Bluebird Property Rental.
Nov 23, 2021

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List of 99 business name ideas
  • Kickstart.
  • Digital Dive.
  • The Growth Co.
  • Creative Juice.
  • Be Seen.
  • Webpreneur.
  • Everglow.
  • Fearless.
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Should I name my LLC after myself? ›

Sometimes it makes sense to name your LLC after yourself if you want to grow your personal brand, but in some cases using your personal name can limit your business' growth or even confuse customers.

What are examples of LLC names? ›

Example: Your business is called “Print Shop, LLC,” but you found a name called “The Print Shop, LLC.” Removing the article “The” is not enough to distinguish your business from the established one. As an alternative, you should use a name such as “Printing Solutions, LLC.”

What is a catchy name? ›

If you describe a tune, name, or advertisement as catchy, you mean that it is attractive and easy to remember.

What are good names for a company? ›

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  • Groupon.
  • Influitive.
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  • Intellivision.
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  • Omnilert.
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What is the most popular real estate company? ›

Keller Williams Realty

Keller Williams is the biggest real estate company in the United States. They boast the most agents in the world, working hard every day to make buying and selling homes an excellent one. They were founded in 1983 and have shot up in business in less than 50 years.

How much do top 1% real estate agents make? ›

Top producers earn around $112,610 a year to start, according to the BLS. 1 Mega-stars could earn $500,000 per year and up.

What is the most successful real estate company? ›

Rankings by Total Assets
1.China Evergrande GroupReal Estate Company
2.Sunac ChinaReal Estate Company
3.Tishman SpeyerReal Estate Company
4.Hines GroupReal Estate Company
79 more rows

What are some good estate names? ›

Here are some descriptors to get you started: House, Home, Cottage, Lodge, Chateau, Regency, Villa, Arms, Wing, Corridor, Studio, Row, Bungalow, Barn, Loft, Hideaway, Oasis, Retreat.

What is better than a LLC? ›

Differences Between LLCs and Corporations

Both protect company owners from personal liability for business obligations. In general, corporations have a more standardized and rigid operating structure and more reporting and recordkeeping requirements than LLCs.

Do I have to put LLC on my logo? ›

No, you do not have to put LLC in your logo or in any of your marketing materials. There is no legal or regulatory requirement to put “LLC” in your logo. Putting “LLC” in your logo does not provide any additional legal protection for your business.

Why not to name your company after yourself? ›

“The biggest con of naming a business after yourself is that people expect you to be involved,” says Grant Stanley, CEO of Bric in Omaha, Nebraska. “Customers expect to have access to you, and employees expect you to be heavily involved in the production process. This can limit your growth.”

Should I name my LLC after my business name? ›

Typically, your business's name must end with the words “Limited Liability Company,” company” or “Limited.” Or you can use abbreviations like “LLC,” “L.L.C.,” or “Ltd.” Usually, you can even opt to abbreviate the words “Limited” and “Company” as “Ltd.” and “Co.” (Most people just stick with “LLC”.)

Can my business just be my name? ›

The legal name of a business is the official name of the person or entity that owns a business. If you are the only owner of your business, then its legal name is simply your full name.

Why should you LLC your name? ›

Having an LLC in your name tells potential customers and clients that you've taken that extra step of registering an LLC. This can help to make your business look more reputable or legitimate, which can be an important consideration especially when your business is just starting out.

Should your LLC and business name be the same? ›

The short answer to the name question is: Your LLC name does not have to be your business name or match your website name for marketing purposes. But for the legal and financial aspects of doing business you should use the exact LLC name registered with your state.

How can I create a unique name? ›

By reading the naming strategies below you'll certainly pick up useful skills in creating cool character names.
  1. Pick a One Word Name. ...
  2. Go Wild With Humor. ...
  3. Make the Name Match. ...
  4. Reverse the First and Last Name. ...
  5. Repeat. ...
  6. Use Your Name. ...
  7. Use an Anagram Generator. ...
  8. Add a Prefix or Suffix.

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What makes a strong name? ›

It should stand out from competitors' names, as well as from other words in a sentence. This is sometimes called “speech-stream visibility”, the quality that lets the eye or the ear pick out the name as a proper (or capitalized) word instead of a common word.

What is the most successful company name? ›

List of top 10 Indian Brand Names by Market Share
  • Why Are Billionaires Pouring Millions Into This Venture? ...
  • Reliance Industries. ...
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) ...
  • HDFC Bank Limited. ...
  • Infosys. ...
  • ICICI Bank. ...
  • Hindustan Unilever (HUL) ...
  • SBI.

What is the highest paid real estate agent? ›

The highest-paid real-estate agent is a luxury broker.

Luxury brokers earn an average salary of $142,000 per year with commissions reaching up to $10M annually. As a luxury broker, you would specialize in multimillion-dollar deals and work closely with developers, architects, and designers.

What is the oldest real estate company? ›

Inman.com names Chicago's Baird & Warner Real Estate as “the oldest US Real Estate Brokerage” citing their 160 years of business and the granting of a $5,000 mortgage loan in 1855 as the basis for the title.

Which Realtor makes the most money? ›

Real Estate Broker

A real estate broker is permitted under law to negotiate and organize real estate dealings. A career as a real estate broker is one of the highest paying and lucrative professions in the real estate industry. On average, experienced brokers take home a six-figure pay.

Is it hard to make a lot of money as a real estate agent? ›

Hard work is essential to high salaries, however. While the average represents a high number, the salary range for California Real Estate agents falls between $24,970 on the low end and $123,700 for top earners. In order to become a top earner, agents must commit time, energy, and money.

Where do Realtors make the most money? ›

10 States Where Real Estate Agents Earn The Most Money
RankState2017 Mean Annual Wage
1New York$102,310
6 more rows
Jan 28, 2019

What is the 1 rule in real estate? ›

The 1% rule of real estate investing measures the price of the investment property against the gross income it will generate. For a potential investment to pass the 1% rule, its monthly rent must be equal to or no less than 1% of the purchase price.

Who is the richest female real estate agent? ›

How did Dottie Herman become the richest self-made woman in real estate? As CEO of Douglas Elliman, Herman sits at the helm of one of the nation's oldest and largest real estate brokerage firms with approximately $27.4 billion in annual sales volume and 7,000 real estate agents.

What real estate company has the best commission split? ›

eXp Realty

EXP Realty is the real estate company with the best commission split for its agents. Agents get an 80/20 commission split with an annual cap of $16,000, which means that after you hit that threshold, you earn 100% commission.

What company owns the most property in the US? ›

The research suggests that McDonald's owns about 70% of the buildings and 45% of the land at its locations worldwide.

What are some cool LLC names? ›

Cool & Catchy LLC Name Ideas
  • All Systems Go LLC.
  • Aquamarine LLC.
  • Autumn Winds LLC.
  • Bedrock LLC.
  • Beyond Basic LLC.
  • Breeze Blows LLC.
  • Caps And Crowns LLC.
  • Cinnamon LLC.
Mar 15, 2022

How do you name a Real Estate Investment LLC? ›

Step 1: Name Your Real Estate LLC
  1. Your name must include the phrase “limited liability company” or one of its abbreviations (LLC or L.L.C.)
  2. Your name can't include words that suggest your LLC is affiliated with a government agency (FBI, Treasury, State Department, etc.)
Jan 7, 2023

What are classy business names? ›

Classy business name ideas
  • A Lady Above All.
  • A Lady in Shining Armor.
  • A Lady of Refinement.
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  • A Woman of Class.
  • A Woman of Distinction.
  • Above and Beyond Classy.
  • Beyond Glitz and Glamour.

What are unique business names? ›

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  • Arctic Wolf Neworks, Inc (cyber security)
  • The Zebra (car insurance comparison website)
  • Purple Mango (this is the name for a cafe, a skincare and laser office, and a media company)
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  • The Maroon Door (restaurant)
  • Unchained Carrot (marketing)
  • The Orange Goat (restaurant)
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