The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (2023)

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As a worker, your job may or may not be limited to walking on perfectly smooth terrains. Some situations may require that you work on an uneven or slippery surface depending on the nature of your work. Naturally, these unfortunate circumstances increase the chances of hurting yourself.

The good news is that if you are bound to work at a site with slippery or oily grounds, it is possible to prevent the impending dangers that you may face.

This is where slip-resistant work boots come into play, as this is the type of gear you need. These kinds of boots are capable of providing you with the much-needed traction, regardless of the type of surface you are walking on.

The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots For Workers That Need Proper Traction

This is the list of the best slip resistant work boots I arrived at after careful research:

  • 1) Timberland PRO Men’s 95567 Endurance Pr Work Boots
  • 2) KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots
  • 3) Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Boots
  • 4) Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boots
  • 5) Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot

1) Timberland PRO Men’s 95567 Endurance Pr Work Boots

The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (1)The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (2)
Owing to their protective design, these boots were made with steel- flex puncture-resistant plates that offered me 100% underfoot protection, which came in handy for those situations where I would walk on dangerous surfaces.

They also were resistant to slippery grounds, thanks to their rubber slip, oil, and heat resistant outsole. This was indispensable, as it assured me I would never be to fall even when I tested them on very slippery surfaces.

Finally, the boots came with an invincible lightweight toe cap that ensured my feet would be protected from being crushed if a heavy object was to fall at the construction site.

There are different ways in which a pair of boots can be durable, in the case of these Timberland boots, both the leather and their construction method are the key.

These boots were made with a top-quality, full-grain leather that delivered endurance against the tough environments I would put them through. Additionally, they had been made with the cement construction method that did not only help with their flexibility but also added years of life to the boots.

Now in terms of comfort, these Timberlands boots came with molded polyurethane midsoles that resisted offered extra support in every step I would take.

Features and Specifications

  • Premium full-grain leather for durability
  • Timberland PRO rubber outsole is slip-, oil- and heat-resistant and features Ladder Lock outsole radius
  • Timberland PRO rubber “double toe” and Timberland PRO rubber backstay for increased durability
  • Steel safety toe shaped on TiTAN last for protection and a roomy fit
  • Anti-fatigue technology with conical geometry in the polyurethane midsole reduces shock and returns energy to the foot
  • Mesh lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control and comfort
  • Fiberglass shank for structural support
  • Steel-Flex puncture-resistant plate for flexible underfoot protection
  • Contoured single-density open-cell polyurethane footbed with antimicrobial cover for breathable comfort and odor control

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 220 reviews on about these work boots at the time of writing and they have given them a 4.3 out of 5 rating on average. The reviews of this pair of work boots are positive overall.

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2) KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boots

The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (3)The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (4)
If you’re looking for protection in a pair of slip-resistant work boots, then these Keen boots might be of your liking.

I learned about their awesome protection after testing their outsole. It was oil and slip-resistant which was perfect for preventing me from falling when carrying out my heavy duties.

Two other important features were also essential for me. First, the boots had electrical hazard protection which is important to me as I’m constantly subjected to electrical machinery, appliances, or power lines. Secondly, these boots came with steel toes that did a great job protecting my feet, exceeding my expectations.

One should never compromise their comfort for anything, especially workers.

Apart from being protective, these KEEN’s Pittsburgh steel toe boots also provided me maximum comfort by fending off fatigue and retaining most of my feet’s energy when walking.

The provision of the PU midsole and a removable metatomical dual density comfort EVA footbed on the KEEN work boots was also essential for improving the shock absorption.

These two features worked together to ensure that there was perfect contouring, arching, and bending of the shoe whenever was necessary. Great, right?

Features and Specifications

  • Dual-density compression-molded EVA and PU midsole
  • KEEN Key-Tech full-length TPU interlocking torsion plate
  • Electrical Hazard Protection that meets or exceeds ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 I/75 C/75 EH standards
  • Oil and slip-resistant non-marking rubber outsole
  • Reflective webbing for additional safety
  • KEEN.Dry waterproof breathable membrane
  • Waterproof nubuck leather upper
  • Left and right asymmetrical safety steel toe
  • Lining with hydrophobic/hydrophilic 2-zone comfort technology
  • Locking metal hooks and lacing eyelets
  • Removable metatomical dual-density comfort EVA footbed

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 524 reviews on about these work boots at the time of writing and they have given them a 4.5 out of 5 rating on average. The reviews of this pair of work boots are positive overall.

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3) Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work Boots

The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (5)The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (6)
These Irish Setter work boots were designed to fit like a glove.

First, they had an uncommon wedge sole that played a significant role in stabilizing the platform on which my feet rested.

On top of that, the boots padded collar married well with the removable PU footbed offering sufficient cushioning and extra comfort to my ankles. I mean, these two features combined were the perfect combination to bring light support, shock absorption, and efficient stability to my feet.

Talking about protection, these boots had a thick white rubber EVA traction tread outsole that offered good grip for those situations where I would walk on slippery surfaces without being careful. No wonder why I think they are the best slip-resistant work boots, right?

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This pair of boots exceeded all my expectations by incorporating an aluminum toe that provided me with a great deal of protection that surpassed the ASTM F2413 safety standards with ease. And they also had electrical hazard protection which always comes in handy.

Finally, just like with everything you buy, durability is key. That’s why these boots were made using tough leather that added an extra layer of protection to the boots, ensuring their long-lasting protection.

Features and Specifications

  • Padded collar for extra comfort.
  • Rear pull loop for easier on and off.
  • Briar Turbo Vegas full-grain leather.
  • Goodyear welt construction provides dependable durability.
  • Removable PU footbed is cushioned for all-day comfort.
  • EVA midsole for superior cushioned support.
  • White Rubber-EVA Traction Tred outsole offers better grip and comfort.
  • Aluminum toe meets ASTM F2413-11
  • Electrical Hazard Protection
  • Moc-toe style with triple-stitching detail.
  • Traditional lace-up system with durable metal eyelets.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 552 reviews on about these work boots at the time of writing and they have given them a 4.5 out of 5 rating on average. The reviews of this pair of work boots are positive overall.

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4) Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider Boots

The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (7)The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (8)
These Wolverine boots exceeded my expectations.

First of all, they had the so-called Multishox lugged rubber outsole that offered me a reliable grip to walk steadily on slippery surfaces without the risk of falling, which is the most essential feature of the best slip-resistant work boots.

They also had genuine leather uppers capable of retaining their warmth, keeping my feet dry by preventing fluids from slipping through even when splashed with water would hit my boots directly.

For a boot that was built to resist slippery surfaces, it was very surprising to me how they also managed to be comfortable.

Just like with their protective features, these Wolverine boots had a built-in full cushioned insole which provided me with stability and support at the time of testing.

On top of that, they had a lightweight PU midsole which was famous for providing the much-needed shock absorption, which I really appreciate in a pair of boots. Are all boots that comfortable? I don’t think so!

Features and Specifications

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Breathable CK mesh lining
  • Flexible, athletic Contour Welt construction moves with you
  • Removable, full-cushion Wolverine Multishox insole for all-day comfort and support
  • Lightweight PU midsole
  • Reliable grip from slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant Multishox lugged rubber outsole

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 698 reviews on about these work boots at the time of writing and they have given them a 4.4 out of 5 rating on average. The reviews of this pair of work boots are positive overall.

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5) Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot

The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (9)The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (10)
Whether you are a construction worker or not, you know that both durability and comfort are an essential part of your performance. The good news is that these Timberland Piboss boots are a great alternative to satisfy those needs.

What I loved the most about them is that they came to with an open-cell polyurethane footbed that had an antimicrobial treatment, allowing my feet to be always cushioned every step of the way. Which in turn, let me work for up to 12 hours without feeling the exhaustion that comes with discomfort.

The oil, slip, and abrasion-resistant rubber outer sole that these boots had as part of their construction was great. This feature prevented me from hurting myself when walking on slippery surfaces during the testing period I talked about before.

After doing a little research, I learned that according to the ANSI safety measures, these boots surpassed the international safety standards with ease, which is mainly given to the fact that they use a quality steel safety toe to bring protection to the worker’s feet.

Finally, Timberland also put an extra flair to these boots by introducing electronic hazard protection. This feature safeguarded my feet from dangerous open circuits that I’m used to coming across at the construction site.

Features and Specifications

  • Rugged nubuck leather upper for comfort and durability
  • Goodyear welt construction for extra durability
  • Steel safety toe
  • Open-cell polyurethane footbed with antimicrobial treatment for comfort and odor control
  • Polyurethane midsole for durable comfort
  • Cambrelle fabric lining with antimicrobial treatment for odor control
  • Padded top collar for comfort
  • Nylon shock-diffusion plate for support and torsional rigidity
  • Cast metal top hooks for increased durability
  • Timberland PRO rubber outsole is abrasion-, slip- and oil-resistant

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are more than 2558 reviews on about these work boots at the time of writing and they have given them a 4.2 out of 5 rating on average. The reviews of this pair of work boots are positive overall.

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And The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots Are…

KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (11)The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (12)
Would you like to know why I chose these boots as the best ones? Then you must check out their review by clicking the button down below!


Quick Comparison Table

Timberland PRO Men’s 95567 Endurance Pr Work bootsThe Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (13)





KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work BootThe Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (14)





Irish Setter Men’s 83605 Work BootThe Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (15)





Wolverine Men’s W02421 Raider BootThe Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (16)





Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe BootThe Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (17)





The Must-Have Features The Best Slip Resistant Work Boots Must HaveThe Best Slip Resistant Work Boots | 2023 Guide + 5 Reviews (18)


Protective gear is a must- have item at any construction site or work area that involves heavy lifting and operating machinery.

I mean, protection is so important that according to the ASTM safety standards, it is recommended for all work boots to have some kind of safety toe.

These safety toes are placed at the front end of the boots keeping the worker safe from bizarre accidents that tend to happen every once in a while.

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The other feature that stands out the most in terms of protection is a good quality outsole that is slip and abrasion-resistant. Which is an obvious feature to find as part of the best slip-resistant work boots. Those outsoles should be designed in a manner that specifically prevents you the worker from slipping and falling on uneven or slippery surfaces.


After the purchase, the way the work boots feel when you walk in them is what determines whether you end up regretting the acquisition or not.

To not end up in remorse, you’ll have to look for slip-resistant work boots that have a firm and comfortable outsole. I’m talking about those types of outsoles that when you walk, the boot should be able to support your weight and allow you to ease into each step, one after another.

Finally, and to top things off, the comfort levels of a proper work boot are substantially elevated by the use of comfortable footbeds and shock-absorbing midsoles. So it’s not crazy to say that these other two features are also essential in your purchase decision.


Nobody ever wants to be dissatisfied with a product they have purchased using hard-earned money. Value is essential for all workers, that’s why we all look for precious durability in all we purchase.

And, the higher the quality of a work boot, the longer it tends to serve the wearer, we all know that, right?

The question is… How do you determine that the kind of work boot you have chosen is the most befitting of the price you have paid? Well, work boots with quality leather uppers and immaculate construction methods tend to be more durable, thus more valuable.
I mean, if you choose the right boots with those features, years will go by and your shoes will remain as new as ever.

How Did I Test and Choose The 5 Best Slip Resistant Work Boots?

I had to go through many slip-resistant work boots to come down to these 5 pairs. It was a lot of work, believe me!

I used what I think were the appropriate external working conditions. So, I tested them on slippery and oily surfaces at the construction site for over 4 months each.

Based on the needs of a regular worker who´s looking for a good pair of slip-resistant boots, I tried to focus on the three features mentioned above as I think they make a good tool to evaluate these types of work boots.

Pro Tip: Always Check The Outsole

An outsole of good quality is of utter importance, especially for workers who are always exposed to slippery surfaces at their work stations.

Usually, most brands are quick to convince their customers that they are the only ones who can offer the best slip-resistant work boots. But, most of these brands are just doing business and end up misguiding the buyers.

When looking for a good pair of work boots, be careful not to be misled into purchasing those that do not have great quality outsoles! Otherwise, you’ll end up with the wrong pair of boots!


What are the most comfortable work boots for standing all day? ›

  • Carhartt Men's CMF6366 Composite Toe.
  • Timberland White Ledge Mid Ankle.
  • Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS 1.5.
  • Caterpillar Second Shift Steel Toe.
  • KEEN Utility Braddock Mid Waterproof (Steel Toe)
  • Timberland PRO Hyperion Waterproof.
  • Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe.
  • Timberland PRO Pitboss 6″ Soft-Toe.
May 27, 2023

Which footwear sole has the best slip resistance? ›

Work shoes with SRC certification combine the slip resistance of SRA and SRB. This safety footwear therefore offers the highest slip resistance.

How do I know if my boots are slip resistant? ›

The quickest way to identify whether the shoes are non-slip is to check the label. Shoes, boots, and other types of footwear have labels on which you can read whether they are slip-resistant or not. Moreover, many non-slip shoe outsoles meet ASTM standards.

How effective are slip resistant shoes? ›

A CDC study provided proof that high-rated slip resistant shoes prevent food services worker injuries. Workers in the study who received free, highly rated slip resistant shoes had a 67% reduction in claims for slip injuries.

What shoes do podiatrists recommend for standing all day? ›

Comparing the best shoes for standing
ProductPriceWide Sizes Available
Allbirds Tree Runners$105No
Brooks Addiction Walker 2$130Yes
Saucony Cohesion 15 PL$75Yes
Vionic Miles Active Sneakers$98
5 more rows
5 days ago

What footwear prevent slips trips and falls? ›

Flat-soled shoes help reduce slips and falls by maximizing the surface area in contact with the floor and minimizing the risk of catching or tripping on a stair tread. For example, shoes with a two-inch raised heel reduce contact with the floor by 40%.

Is slip resistant the same as non-slip? ›

Slip resistant safety shoes differ from non-slip rated shoes as their soles are typically made of rubber or similar materials, and their unique tread patterns can better grip wet, slick or oily floors which result in a much more stable work environment.

Which shoe soles are very durable and non-slip? ›

RUBBER :: Rubber has excellent ground traction and is a non-marking, long-lasting material that enhances the shoe durability and longevity. PU/RUBBER :: With a PU body and a non-slip rubber track, these soles are lightweight, durable, soft and comfortable.

Which sole is not slippery? ›

With non-slip shoes, you want a sturdy EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) rubber outsole that's slightly rounded on the sides. EVA rubber is a synthetic, foam-like resin used in the outsoles and midsoles of many shoes.

What are the OSHA standards for slip resistant shoes? ›

Your employer requires that the safety-toe footwear must be worn at all times regardless of the presence of a hazard; must have a leather upper; must have oil resistant and non-skid soles, and must comply with ASTM 2413-05 with a impact resistance rating of 75 and an compression resistance rating of 75.

How do I make my work boots slip resistant? ›

Apply a Salt and Rubber Glue Mixture to Bottom of Boots

Adding a grainy texture to the bottom of your shoes will help improve traction and grip. For a quick solution, apply a salt and rubber glue mixture to the bottom of shoes. Once that's done, simply let them dry for a few minutes, and you're good to go.

What is the best slip resistant material? ›

Rubber materials are naturally slip-resistant, water-repellent, and easy to clean, which makes them a good option for bathrooms, as well. Rubber flooring can compose the entire floor or be added in specific areas.

What is the most slip resistant material? ›

Here is a list of the best slip-resistant flooring materials commonly used in residential and commercial applications.
  • Vinyl. While not all vinyl flooring is non-slip, there are slip-resistant varieties available that are specifically intended for high-traffic areas in homes and work environments. ...
  • Carpet. ...
  • Cork. ...
  • Hardwood.

Does rubber sole mean slip resistant? ›

Does a rubber sole always make a shoe slip-resistant? No. All slip-resistant shoes have rubber soles, but not all rubber soles are slip-resistant. The best outsoles for a slip-resistant shoe are made with soft rubber that can go against oil and grease and must be treaded.

How do I stop my feet from hurting when I stand all day at work? ›

5 Tips for Avoiding Foot Pain at Work
  1. Buy the Best Shoes. It is important to buy high-quality shoes to wear to work when you are in a profession where you stand a lot. ...
  2. Epsom Salt. Soak your feet in Epsom salt at the end of the day. ...
  3. Stretch Your Feet. ...
  4. Reflexology Massage. ...
  5. Gel Socks.

Are Crocs good for your feet? ›

That said, Crocs lack arch support, so exercising, walking for an extended period of time, or working in them is not recommended by foot specialists. The plastic construction may also lead to sweaty, stinky feet and even blisters.

How can I stand on my feet all day without pain? ›

Simple Tips to Reduce The Effects of Standing All Day
  1. Walk whenever you get a chance. If you don't have to stand in the exact same spot, try to walk around a bit. ...
  2. Elevate your feet at break time. ...
  3. Wear compression stockings. ...
  4. Wear good shoes. ...
  5. Wear arch supports or custom foot orthotics.

Are work boots good for standing all day? ›

Standing all day – A quality, properly fitted work boot is essential when you're on your feet all day. Work boots can be good for long hours of standing and walking, or they can be terrible and cause sore feet and other issues. Choose a pair of boots that fit your feet, or size up and add a specialized insole.

How do you prevent slip trips and falls at work? ›

Clear walkways, stairs, and lobbies of anything that might be a tripping hazard, such as cords, wires, empty boxes, and clutter. Make sure that floor mats lay flat rather than wrinkled or bunched. Use handrails when you walk up and down steps. Before using any ladder or stepladder, make sure it opens fully.

Do boots prevent slipping? ›

Invest in Proper Footwear

You should wear boots while walking on ice because they provide foot and ankle support. They should fit properly to keep your feet from slipping and sliding around. You can experience discomfort and blisters if you wear the wrong shoe size.

How can you prevent slips trips or falls in the workplace? ›

Safe work practices
  1. clean up spills promptly.
  2. remove debris, snow and ice.
  3. routinely clean floors with appropriate solutions.
  4. use two hands to climb/descend ladders.
  5. maintain three-point contact on ladders.
  6. clean castors on wheeled carts.
  7. remove clutter from walking surfaces.
  8. clean grease build-up from slip resistant mats.
Jan 28, 2022

What are the different grades of slip resistant? ›

The majority of floor tiles these days are given an anti slip rating. This rating comes in the form of an 'R' value. The 'R' stands for 'ramp test'. This 'R' value ranges from R9, which has a small degree of slip resistance, right up to R13, which is the highest slip resistance.

What material prevents slipping? ›

There are two main types of premade nonskid materials—elastics and fabrics. Both are “grippy” but are used in different ways to solve various slipping problems.

What is the standard for slip resistance? ›

“Slip resistance” is defined under ASTM C 1028 as being 0.6 (level) – 0.8 (ramp) with a wet testing surface.

What are the best shoes to wear when it's slippery? ›

Normally, non-slip rubber makes the best soles for snow and ice. The soles with the larger legs offer a lot of grip. They will help you avoid slipping when walking in winter conditions, as well as keeping your feet dry. Specialised snow boots or hiking boots are also a good option.

Do leather soles prevent slipping? ›

Leather soles are not inherently slippery, but they can be slick when new. This is because the leather has a smooth and shiny surface when it is first made. However, after you wear the shoes for a little while, the front part of the sole gets a bit scuffed and rougher, which provides more grip.

How do I make my sole less slippery? ›

Scuffing The Soles

One of the easiest, do-it-yourself ways to make your shoes slip-resistant is to scuff the soles with sandpaper, a nail file, or something else with a rough surface, such as brick, gravel or rock. Simply rub the rough item on the sole of your shoe until small grooves appear.

Are Ugg soles slippery? ›

The upper of the shoe is soft, so after a lot of wear, you slides around in them. The soling material is usually soft and wears fast and becomes distorted quickly. These two things in combination means that the ugg or slipper can slide, or slip around your foot, which encourages falls.

Are Doc Martens considered non slip? ›

Martens—more commonly known as Doc Martens or Docs—are known for being a work boot that is equal parts functional and stylish. But are doc martens non-slip? The short answer is: yes.

How do I know if my boots are OSHA approved? ›

Safety shoes or boots must have a leather upper, non-skid soles, oil resistance and impact and compression resistance ratings of 75. The shoes must also have built-in toe caps to meet requirements.

What kind of shoes are to be avoided to workplace? ›

Silk, wool and nylon socks should not be worn in this type of work environment or with this type of shoe, as those materials are more likely to produce static as well.

What is the standard for boots for OSHA? ›

The OSHA regulations pertaining to employee footwear are found at 29 CFR 1910.132 and 1910.136 (copies enclosed). In general, the standard requires that foot protection be used whenever it is necessary by reason of hazard of processes or environment which could cause foot injury.

How long do slip resistant shoes work? ›

Generally, slip resistant shoes will last between six and twelve months in the average work environment. Some may last longer, some not as long. Every pair of shoes has to be replaced eventually.

How do you break in new slip on boots? ›

The simple fact is that wearing them around the house for a few hours a day for a week or so provides some heat and moisture to help the boots mold themselves to your feet. This is especially helpful if you can break in shoes during summer's heat and humidity.

How long does it take to break in slip on boots? ›

How long do boots take to break in? Boots can take between one and four weeks to break in. It depends on how often you wear them, though the general rule is 80-100 hours.

What is the best rubber for anti slip? ›

Nitrile rubber is resistant to many standard kinds of oils and fuels, unlike many others. This guarantees no spillage of the bottom of the mats. Nitrile also provides excellent durability characteristics that are great at tearing resistance and abrasion damage.

What type of rubber is non slip? ›

Cork-n-Rubber Non-Skid Materials

One of the most popular types of non-skid cork solutions is Cork-N-Rubber. This non-skid cork material is regularly used in gaskets, protective tapes, spacers and bumpers, insulation and air cushioning, and more.

What's the difference between slip resistant and oil-resistant shoes? ›

A label of 'Oil-resistant' on a shoe does not mean 'slip-resistant'. Oil-resistant is just a statement that the soles will not be damaged by oil. No single tread pattern is necessarily better than another.

What is R10 slip resistance rating? ›

R10 slip rating – these tiles provide a minor to moderate resistance to slipping, ideal for hallways and kitchens. R11 slip rating – these tiles provide a moderate resistance and can be used in kitchen and bathrooms and potentially wet rooms.

Which floor is more slip resistant? ›

Perhaps one of the best options for slip resistance is vinyl flooring. Some products are specifically designed to provide slip resistance. Vinyl flooring is also very easy to maintain. It does not stain and does not damage from water (if the product is designed to be waterproof.)

What is low slip resistance? ›

Additional information. “High slip resistance” tiles have a 'low slip potential' meaning you're less likely to slip when walking on them. Note that slipping is still possible, but it is less likely. So please take precautions and maintain your tiles as mentioned above.

How do I know if my boots are slip-resistant? ›

The quickest way to identify whether the shoes are non-slip is to check the label. Shoes, boots, and other types of footwear have labels on which you can read whether they are slip-resistant or not. Moreover, many non-slip shoe outsoles meet ASTM standards.

Which sole is best for slippery surface? ›

Significant Differences Between Rubber Sole and Plastic Sole
Rubber SolePlastic Sole
Anti-slip effect & Comfortable to walk : It is safe on slippery surfaces.It is lightweight and easy to shape
It is resistant to abrasions and provide a better comfort.It is temperature sensitive, and has poor low slip resistance
2 more rows
Jul 18, 2022

What type of shoes prevent slipping? ›

The 14 Best Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes
  • 1) Dansko Clogs. Ask a restaurant worker about their favorite footwear and clogs are likely to be towards the top of the list. ...
  • 2) Birkenstock Clogs. ...
  • 6) Skechers Non-Slip Work Shoes. ...
  • 7) Vans 'Made for Makers' Shoe Line. ...
  • 8) Dr.

What boots are best for standing on concrete all day? ›

Best Work Boots for Standing on Concrete
  • Infinity FD Series Studhorse Boots – Waterproof, proprietary FD Flex-drive outsole, composite toe, various height and color options.
  • American Heritage Work Boots – Composite toe, waterproof yet breathable membrane, Poron® insole, made in the USA.

What are good comfortable work boots for walking 8 hours a day? ›

List Of The Best Work Boots For Walking All Day
  • Timberland Pro Men's Powertrain Alloy-Toe Eh Walking Work Boot.
  • Wolverine Men's Overpass 6″ Composite Toe Walking Work Boot.
  • Timberland Pro Men's 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe Walking Work Boot.
  • Keen Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Walking Work Boot.
Sep 5, 2019

How do I choose the best work boots? ›

Check out these tips for choosing the right work boot for your job.
  1. Look for Waterproof Protection. Waterproof materials can make or break a work boot. ...
  2. Choose Insulation for Your Conditions. ...
  3. Choose Slip-Resistant Outersoles. ...
  4. Get the Right Fit. ...
  5. Find Extra Features.

Can you wear a walking boot all day? ›

If supplied, wear the boot for comfort and use crutches when walking. It is ok to take the boot off at night, when resting at home and to wash.

Should I put insoles in my work boots? ›

Orthotics for Work Boots

Unless you are purchasing custom work boots, most boots won't give the support you need. Adding custom orthotics to your boots, getting the proper fit, and wearing proper socks will make all the difference in your comfort and preserve your foot health.

Why do my work boots wear out so fast? ›

Because the steel caps are extremely hard and strong, the daily pressure of the leather laying right up against them causes the leather to wear away quicker than it would in a pair of soft toe boots.

What's the best way to protect your feet from getting soggy in work boot? ›

You should go for socks made of polyester, Coolmax, and merino wool, or any other material that prevents the build-up of moisture. These materials absorb moisture, so the socks will end up damp, but your feet will sweat-free. And changing socks at the end of the day is no issue.

What foot problems are common from work boots? ›

There are real risks of developing complications like: Development of bone growths on the surface of the heel, called Heel Spurs. These can be very painful and leads to significant swelling around the heel. Development of a bulge on the heel bone due to an abnormality in the heel bone and the soft tissue in the feet.


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