Why The Carnivore Diet Is Horrible (With Proof) - Only Freedom Matters (2023)

Hey guys, I want to talk about this new diet fad called the carnivore diet and why it is a bad idea, especially for long term health (staying on the carnivore diet for many years) .

The carnivore diet has been increasing in popularity lately thanks to many ignorant fitness gurus and health quacks swearing by how amazing the carnivore diet is in every way possible.

These carnivore diet preachers make widely inaccurate false statements and I am going to breakdown each claim one by one and prove why they are bullshit claims.

What Is A Carnivore Diet?

Before I dive in on why the Carnivore diet is a horrible diet I want to define what this diet is (just in case the name of the diet doesn’t give it away).

The carnivore diet is a diet that consists of eating strictly meat, mostly beef. On this diet one is supposed to eat only meat. Anything plant based is not allowed. In fact, carnivore diet advocators claim that anything plant based is not good for your health.

This means that carbohydrates will no longer be consumed. The ideal carnivorous diet will be very high in fat and protein, with absolutely zero carb consumption.

The ideal meal for this diet is a ribeye or New York Strip. Which are two of the most fatty cuts of beef, both contains around 70% fat and 30% protein.

This is the keto diet in its most extreme form.

Wait but didn’t you get great results on the steak and eggs diet?

Yes I did. I ate only steak and eggs for 45 days and achieved my goal of getting extra lean. However, just because I got extra lean and lost fat rapidly doesn’t mean that it is a great long term diet, especially from a health standpoint.

The truth is that on the steak and eggs diet your variety is extremely limited, therefore I never snacked in between meals and was consuming less calories then my body took in.

I was in a pretty big caloric deficit and that is the reason why I lost a lot of fat.

The simple truth is that if you are in a caloric deficit you will lose fat, period.

However as always, it is never that simple. Not all calories are created equal, this was proved by a new controlled Cell Metabolism study done by researchers from the National Institutes of Health.

“When participants consumed the reduced-fat diet, they had no observed changes in insulin production or fat burning. However, they lost about 89grams per day of body fat—68% more than when they cut the same number of calories from carbohydrates.”

“Compared to the reduced-fat diet, the reduced-carb diet was particularly effective at lowering insulin secretion and increasing fat burning, resulting in significant body fat loss. But interestingly, study participants lost even more body fat during the fat-restricted diet, as it resulted in a greater imbalance between the fat eaten and fat burned,” Hall says. “Our data tells us that when it comes to body fat loss, not all diet calories are exactly equal.”


I conclude that if you want to lose fat fast the steak and eggs diet does work great. However, it is not healthy as a sustainable lifestyle. On top of health reasons as mentioned earlier, you will burn more fat by cutting calories from fat rather than carbohydrates.

The reason why the steak and eggs diet works so well is that it is very simple to follow and stick to for a couple months due to a variety restriction when it comes to food.

Debunking the arguments of carnivore diet promotors

Currently the most popular carnivore diet advocate is Dr. Shawn Baker (former doctor as his license to practice was revoked due to malpractice).

(Video) 125 Days of Eating the Lion Diet (Ruminant Meat Carnivore Diet) 2022

Dr. Baker has been eating just meat for over 2 years straight and claims he hasn’t touched a single plant based food in that same time-span.

His popularity is growing as he spreads his message on social media and his own personal website Meatheals.com. He touts that eating only meat is the healthiest diet for us humans.

As a matter of fact just about every carnivore diet advocate argues similar points as Dr. Baker.

Since almost all meat only people share the same beliefs as him I am going to use Dr. Baker’s claims for this article and debunk these outrages bullshit claims.

Higher LDL and total cholesterol Is directly correlated to an increase in risk for heart disease

So, many carnivore diet quacks such as Dr. Baker are claiming that your cholesterol might rise on the carnivore diet but you should ignore it if you “feel” good.

He even suggests that higher cholesterol can actually be good for you and increase your lifespan.

That is total bullshit, it is medically proven that an increase in LDL Cholesterol increases your risk of CVD (coronary vascular disease).

Methods and Results—“We performed standard analyses of serial intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) studies of 60 left main coronary arteries obtained 18.3±9.4 months apart to evaluate progression and regression of mild atherosclerotic plaques in relation to serum cholesterol levels. Overall, there was (1) a positive linear relation between LDL cholesterol and the annual changes in plaque plus media (P&M) cross-sectional area (CSA) (r=0.41,P<0.0001) with (2) an LDL value of 75 mg/dL as the cutoff when regression analysis predicted on average no annual P&M CSA increase; (3) an inverse relation between HDL cholesterol and annual changes in P&M CSA (r=−0.30,P<0.02); (4) an inverse relation between LDL cholesterol and annual changes in lumen CSA (r=−0.32,P<0.01); and (5) no relation between LDL and HDL cholesterol and the annual changes in total arterial CSA (remodeling). Despite similar baseline IVUS characteristics, patients with an LDL cholesterol level ≥120 mg/dL showed more annual P&M CSA progression and lumen reduction than patients with lower LDL cholesterol.”

Conclusions—“There is a positive linear relation between LDL cholesterol and annual changes in plaque size, with an LDL value of 75 mg/dL predicting, on average, no plaque progression. HDL cholesterol shows an inverse relation with annual changes in plaque size.”


Cholesterol is known to decrease about 1 point per pound of body fat lost.
It is freighting and it should tell you something that even though you drop body fat on the carnivore diet your overall cholesterol still increases.

Note how Dr. Shawn Baker heavily references subjective feelings. He does that because he cant validate his claims with any real proof using medical science.

He redundantly states that you shouldn’t put to much thought in your lipid lab panels. He clearly values subjective feelings over medical facts.

Speaking of objectivity vs subjectivity, how many people feel great even though they are in horrible health? There are so many people who feel great but are in terrible health. I’m sure everyone would agree with that statement.

Heart disease is something that takes years and years to progress. You most likely wont even feel the effects until its too late.

Also, heart disease is the number 1 killer world wide. You are more likely to die of heart disease than any other thing on planet earth so going on a diet that will increase your risk for heart disease should worry you.

For people like Dr. Baker who say they feel good at the beginning of their carnivore diet, the U.S is a population that eats lots of processed foods so yes you will feel better when you go from eating potato chips and twinkies to eating only meat, especially if you are losing body fat.

But the truth is that any diet that eliminates processed foods will make you feel better. The problem with eating only meat, as I already mentioned is that you significantly increase your risk for heart disease.

Feeling good has nothing to do with heart disease. This stupid or disingenuous former doctor keeps down playing the proven direct correlation that exists with cholesterol and heart disease.

There is no mistake or confusion in medical science that the two are highly correlated (high cholesterol and heart disease).

(Video) Ken Berry, MD: Keto & Carnivore (fatty meat) Saved His Health

Many carnivore diet preachers also claim that people who don’t eat lots of meat have low cholesterol which leads to living shorter lives. They back this claim up by pointing out that many elderly people pass away with very low cholesterol, that is very misleading as the truth is that disease and sickness causes cholesterol to decrease.

Illnesses such as cancer use cholesterol to proliferate therefore lowering cholesterol. Low cholesterol is not the cause of early mortality, it is the effect.

“Of the 3363 black subjects examined, 2.6 percent had nonsense mutations in PCSK9; these mutations were associated with a 28 percent reduction in mean LDL cholesterol and an 88 percent reduction in the risk of CHD (P=0.008 for the reduction; hazard ratio, 0.11; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.02 to 0.81; P=0.03). Of the 9524 white subjects examined, 3.2 percent had a sequence variation in PCSK9 that was associated with a 15 percent reduction in LDL cholesterol and a 47 percent reduction in the risk of CHD (hazard ratio, 0.50; 95 percent confidence interval, 0.32 to 0.79; P=0.003).”
“These data indicate that moderate lifelong reduction in the plasma level of LDL cholesterol is associated with a substantial reduction in the incidence of coronary events, even in populations with a high prevalence of non-lipid-related cardiovascular risk factors.”


The study above concludes that independent from any other variable, a decrease in 15% of your LDL cholesterol reduces your risk of heart disease by almost 50%!

Now imagine lowering your LDL by 30%? You would never have to worry about heart disease ever again.

Cholesterol was proven to be the principle factor in causing Atherosclerosis

Why The Carnivore Diet Is Horrible (With Proof) - Only Freedom Matters (1)

Atherosclerosis is a disease where there is plaque buildup alongside the walls of your arteries.

William C. Roberts and others proved that high cholesterol increases your risk of Atherosclerosis with this study,checkitout.

Oh, and that study also debunked another bogus claim that carnivore diet “fitness gurus” tout, that it is perfect natural for us to eat lots of meat because we are carnivores, our ancestors evolved to be carnivorous and so are we.

“There are in Roberts’ opinion 4 facts supporting the contention that atherosclerosis is a cholesterol problem: 1)Atherosclerosis is easily produced experimentally in herbivores (monkeys, rabbits) by giving them diets containing large quantities of cholesterol (egg yolks) or saturated fat (animal fat).Indeed, atherosclerosis is one of the easiest diseases to produce experimentally, but the recipient must be an herbivore. It is not possible to produce atherosclerosis in carnivores (tigers, lions, dogs, etc.). In contrast, it is not possible to produce atherosclerosis simply by raising a rabbit’s blood pressure or blowing cigarette smoke in its face for an entire lifetime. 2)Atherosclerotic plaques contain cholesterol.3)Societies with high average cholesterol levels have higher event rates (heart attacks, etc.) than societies with much lower average cholesterol levels. 4)When serum cholesterol levels (especially the low-density lipoprotein cholesterol[LDL-C] level)are lowered(most readily, of course, by statin drugs),atherosclerotic events fall accordingly and the lower the level, the fewer the events(“less is more”). Although most humans consider themselves carnivores or at least omnivores, basically we humans have characteristics of herbivores(Table​(Table11).”


If we were meant to consume a carnivorous diet it would be impossible for humans to get Atherosclerosis as only herbivorous animals (including the human animal) can get Atherosclerosis.

That proves we are natural herbivores.

Dr. Shawn Baker and other carnivore diet enthusiasts also like to claim that LDL cholesterol is not as important as having high HDL cholesterol and low triglycerides, again this can easily be debunked by looking at the this study.

Check out the chart below which shows a perfect linear progression relationship between increased LDL and Atherosclerosis.

Why The Carnivore Diet Is Horrible (With Proof) - Only Freedom Matters (2)

The carnivore diet is pro-inflammatory

Low HDL otherwise known as the good cholesterol, is bad for heart health and one of the main contributors to low HDL is inflammation. Dr. Baker and many others claim that the carnivore diet gets rid of all inflammation.

This is simply not true. In his interview with Joe Rogan, Dr. Baker actually claimed that he ate an apple and was in so much pain after that it hurt walking up and down the stairs.

His claim is laughable especially because there are studies such as this one that proved that saturated fats and cholesterol are pro-inflammatory.

A diet that consists of mainly plant foods proved to be a much better anti-inflammatory diet. Eating fruits and vegetables is an excellent way of preventing cellular oxidative damage, check out this study.

It’s funny, actually rather sad, that Dr. Baker states that inflammation is the cause of most chronic diseases but yet recommends a high fat/cholesterol diet which was proven to be pro-inflammatory.

This is well understood by science through not only meta-analysis but also through genetic testing and analysis.

(Video) MBPP EP. 715 - Dr. Lisa Wiedeman: 13 Years On A Carnivore Diet, Is She Proof We Don't Need Veggies?

The carnivore diet lowers your testosterone

Many carnivore diet advocators make claims such as eating more meat is manly!And we need a bunch of cholesterol and saturated fats in order to produce more testosterone!

To summarize, heavy meat eaters claim that more meat in your diet equals becoming more of a man, in the most literal sense since it is supposed to increase your testosterone (known as the male hormone).

Unfortunately the carnivore diet preachers got this one wrong too.

Dr. Shawn Baker revealed his blood lab results to the public after being on the carnivore diet for 1 year straight and to no ones surprise, his lab was horrific.

His blood work had a couple shocking revelations, the first being extremely low testosterone levels.

Dr. Baker had a total testosterone level of 237 ng/dL and a free testosterone level of 5.5 pg/mL, both of levels being very low.

He eats 4 pounds of meat every damn day so shouldn’t they be not only high, but much higher than average person?

Why The Carnivore Diet Is Horrible (With Proof) - Only Freedom Matters (3)

Check out the chart above, Dr. Baker would have low testosterone even if he was 100 years old!

He says that due to the amount of muscle he carries and his ability to lift heavy weight, he doesn’t care about what his blood test states. His denial is incredible.

Its worth mentioning that he has been an athlete his whole life (had lots of muscle mass before he started the carnivore diet). His muscle mass is most likely residual muscle mass from years and years of lifting weights.

He definitely should care whats on his lab results because siding with subjective feelings over proven data is just flat dumb. That would be like me drinking 10 beers every day and saying screw my blood work, my liver feels great!

The British Journal of Cancer studyconcluded that on average non-meat eater had on average 13% higher testosterone levels than meat eaters.

Think about that guys, 13% higher than people who eat some meat. Imagine how much higher it is compared to people on the carnivore diet who eat only meat.

The carnivore diet increases your risk for diabetes

Another shocking revelation from Dr. Baker’s blood lab is that he is pretty much a diabetic (or pretty damn close). He has a Hemoglobin A1c of 6.3.

Why The Carnivore Diet Is Horrible (With Proof) - Only Freedom Matters (4)

Here is a better understanding of what Hemoglobin A1c is:

“A hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test reflects the average concentration ofglucose(sugar) in blood over the previous 2-3 months. The test measures the amount of glucose attached to hemoglobin (the protein present in red blood cells that carry oxygen) and is reported as a percentage of total hemoglobin. Having a consistently high HbA1c level indicates either type 2 diabetes or a heightened risk for developing diabetes(pre-diabetes).”


Carnivore diet advocates will really harp on how great eating all meat is for your insulin sensitivity.

They will tell you that eating only meat will decrease your blood sugar because you will not consume any carbohydrates (glucose once metabolized).

They might even try to convince you that all carbohydrates are poison and not real food. Its all bullshit.

(Video) The Hard Science Behind the Carnivore Diet, with Professor Bart Kay

Friends, that is simplistic thinking and as I always say, it’s never that simple especially when it comes to physiology.

Dr. Baker also tested a 127 mg/dL on the fasting plasma glucose (FPG) test.
which gives him a high risk of type 2 diabetes.

Why The Carnivore Diet Is Horrible (With Proof) - Only Freedom Matters (5)

Here is the Mayo Clinic’s statement on blood sugar, “if it’s 126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L) or higher on two separate tests, you have diabetes.”Dr.Baker’s fasting blood sugar is 127 mg/dL.

From what we know he didn’t have a second blood test done, but if he does and gets the same results he will clinically have type 2 diabetes.

So does eating meat increase the risk of death?

There are various studies that show that populations or groups that that don’t eat meat live longer than those that do eat meat, however I am not going to cite those because there are also some studies that show no increase in mortality.

I won’t cite those studies because I am trying to be unbiased and only want to cite studies that are unquestionably proved by medical science. I only link studies that demonstrate strong independent correlations.

It is hard to find a correlation between eating meat and mortality rates that are independent from other possible contributing factors because there are just too many variables that have to be tracked and measured. Also, its hard to do controlled studies for extremely long periods of time.

But there are some things that this Oxford study did find that you should note.

“In this analysis of mortality by diet group in a population with a high percentage of vegetarians and others who eat little or no meat, we found no significant differences in all-cause mortality between the diet groups.”

“For specific causes of death, compared with regular meat eaters, low meat eaters had∼30–45% lower mortality from pancreatic cancer, respiratory disease, and all other causes of death, fish eaters had∼20% lower mortality from malignant cancer and∼20% higher circulatory disease mortality, and vegetarians and vegans had∼50% lower mortality from pancreatic cancer and cancers of the lymphatic/hematopoietic tissue.”


So high cholesterol is proven by medical science to increase risk for various heart diseases and cancers, is that not enough to make you think twice about the carnivore diet?

You must remember that your risk for heart disease and cancer would be much higher than even these studies show because the carnivore diet consists of consuming much more meat (not to mention only meat) than any group or population ever studied.

Conclusion and final notes

Don’t listen to bro-science nutritional advice from bloggers, YouTubers, fake experts, and quacks with agendas if they don’t provide scientific studies to back up their claims (like I have throughout this post).

The carnivore diet is unsafe for your long term health because it will increase your risk for heart disease and possibly other diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

The only people who should experiment with the carnivore diet are those who need a food variety restriction in order to stay in a caloric deficit due to their undisciplined nature, in combination with having healthy cholesterol levels.

If you are healthy and you do decide to experiment with the carnivore diet to lose fat, I recommend you only do it for 8 – 12 weeks as such a short time frame won’t negatively impact your health.

Just remember that a diet that focuses on cutting calories from fat rather than carbs is actually superior for burning body fat, as proven by this control study.

Until next time,

-Jack Freeman

(Video) Are Electrolytes Really Something You Can Live Without on a Carnivore WOE? Let's Find Out...

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Is the carnivore diet scientifically proven? ›

Some report that the carnivore diet helps to improve the ratio of good to bad cholesterol and reduces inflammation, leading to a healthier heart. But research has found mixed results on these claims around heart disease risk and reduced inflammation.

Is the carnivore diet nonsense? ›

Sadly, your body won't agree because this diet completely overlooks the body's essential nutrition needs. It parades pseudoscience as fact, promising that a meat-only diet will cure everything from autism to alcoholism. To be clear, there is no carnivore diet science.

What are the negatives of carnivore diet? ›

Carnivore diet side effects include diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache, hydration issues from fluid loss, dizziness, fatigue and insomnia. Some of these are short-term and will last for days to weeks. Many of them are a result of electrolyte imbalances due to no carbs in your eating plan.

Why can't you live on a strictly carnivorous diet? ›

Can you survive on a carnivore diet? You can survive on a carnivore diet, but you'll miss out on important nutrients, such as fiber and vitamins C and E. It is not safe for certain groups, including those with kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, or those with risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

Do doctors recommend carnivore diet? ›

It's common to try the carnivore diet when you're trying to lose weight. There are no long-term studies on how following a carnivore diet may reduce your risk of obesity. However, research does suggest a more carnivorous diet may positively impact weight gain and metabolic issues in a larger population.

Does the carnivore diet heal the gut? ›

The carnivore diet does two things at once: It infuses the gut with the gut-healing benefits of bone broth while also eliminating harder-to-digest vegetables, legumes, grains, and nuts and seeds. In other words, it still allows a person to get beneficial nutrients while giving the gut a break from working so hard.

How long did Joe Rogan do the carnivore diet? ›

On his Instagram account, Rogan shared that after 30 days on carnivore “lots of aches and pains went away” and that he'd seen “improvements in my vitiligo.”

Is carnivore diet Unhealthy long term? ›

The carnivore diet consists entirely of meat and animal products, excluding all other foods. It's claimed to aid weight loss, mood issues, and blood sugar regulation, among other health issues. However, the diet is extremely restrictive and likely unhealthy in the long term.

Is the carnivore diet inflammatory? ›

May reduce inflammation

For some, the Carnivore Diet can reduce inflammation in the digestive system and throughout the body. A 2013 study compared subjects on a high-fat, low-carb diet to those following a low-fat, high-carb diet and discovered that the high-fat consumers had lower markers of systemic inflammation.

Which is better keto or carnivore? ›

When considering fat intake, a carnivore diet is superior to keto. And not just because of the vegetable oils that it eliminates, but equally because of the healthy fats that it provides. Common animal fats on the carnivore diet include: Fatty meat–beef, bison, pork, lamb.

Is carnivore diet hard on the liver? ›

Carnivore diet can have damaging effects on the liver, kidney and lipid parameters and lead to cardiovascular disease. The carnivore diet is obviously not easy to digest and might even lead to constipation and nutritional deficiencies."

Why can't you drink coffee on a carnivore diet? ›

The carnivore diet eliminates plant foods because we don't need them, and they contain plant chemicals that can cause us harm. Coffee, as it turns out, has been shown to contain varying levels of toxic molds called mycotoxins.

Why do RAW people not get sick from carnivores? ›

True carnivores gulp down chunks of raw flesh, relying on their strong stomach acids to break it down and kill the dangerous bacteria in meat that would otherwise sicken or kill them.

Do Pescatarians live longer than meat eaters? ›

Limiting red meat or cutting it out of our diet completely may also lower your chances of getting cancer. One study shows that pescatarians live longer than people who follow a diet that includes red meat and poultry.

Is a full carnivore diet healthy? ›

The carnivore diet is just another fad diet that isn't sustainable over time and can lead to several chronic illnesses such as high cholesterol and heart disease.” Hunnes agrees that the carnivore diet is “not a healthy diet and our bodies did not evolve to life off meat.

What are the long term results of carnivore diet? ›

Long-Term Consequences of the Carnivore Diet

It's massively devoid in nutrients, carbs, and fiber which will most likely leave you feeling lacking in energy,” Ludlam-Raine said. Fiber isn't found in animal products, and a lack of it could lead to constipation and upset in the gut microbiome.

Do you poop less on the carnivore diet? ›

It's completely normal to poop less frequently on a fiber-free carnivore diet. This is because meat takes longer to digest and assimilate than plant foods do. As your body adapts to your new diet, expect to experience a new pooping schedule.

Should I take probiotics on the carnivore diet? ›

By eliminating plant fiber and carbs, the carnivore diet helps you reset your gut microbiome. For this reason, many people wonder if consuming probiotics on the carnivore diet will help with this gut reset. The short answer is, no.

How many eggs a day on carnivore diet? ›

Every meal should contain between 4-6 eggs, and 0.75 to 1.5 lbs of steak. Eat two meals per day anytime of the day. Every 6th day is for re-feeding of carbohydrates.

Are avocados OK on carnivore diet? ›

Can you eat fruit on the carnivore diet? On paper, the answer here is no. However, non-sweet fruits like avocados (a fat we love!) and cucumbers are usually considered permissible.

Can humans survive on meat alone? ›

If we were to just chow down on steaks on their own, you would lose out on some of the vital nutrients the human body requires to function. Just as people get their nutrients from lots of different foods, you need to add in a few more varieties of meats.

Does testosterone increase on carnivore diet? ›

A carnivore diet isn't beneficial to testosterone. People have the misperception that more protein is better for testosterone, when that's not true,” says Valdez.

Which meat is most inflammatory? ›

Red meat and processed meats, including bacon, hot dogs, lunch meats and cured meats. Refined grains, including white bread, white rice, pasta and breakfast cereals.

Does carnivore diet hurt kidneys? ›

“Too much meat can cause kidney problems.” This is more of a concern for people who have preexisting kidney conditions. If you are going into this with strained kidneys or kidney disease, then your filtration system is already impaired and higher amounts of protein may be an issue.

Is vegan or carnivore healthier? ›

Plant-Based Versus Meat-Based (Carnivore) Diets

If we look at the whole of scientific studies, numerous studies show that people who follow a plant-based diet live longer and are healthier (R,R,R,R,R,R,R,R). This is despite the higher risk of deficiencies of vitamins and minerals on a plant-based diet.

Which is healthier vegetarian or carnivore? ›

Vegetarians appear to have lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and lower rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes than meat eaters. Vegetarians also tend to have a lower body mass index, lower overall cancer rates and lower risk of chronic disease.

Is cheese OK on the carnivore diet? ›

For the majority of you without dairy allergies, cheese is a beneficial and delicious addition to your carnivore lifestyle.

What organs should you eat on carnivore diet? ›

Liver in fact is so nutritious it may be best enjoyed as a supplement. Other organ meats include kidney, pancreas, brains, tongue, tribe, and bone marrow. On a carnivore diet, organs can make the difference between thriving and mineral deficiencies.

Can carnivore diet cause blood clots? ›

So even if diving all-in with meat “works” to make you lose weight for awhile, you may end up with undesirable complications like severe constipation, poor blood clotting, or a good old-fashioned case of scurvy.

What are the hardest foods for the liver to digest? ›

Fatty/Fast Food Items

French fries, wafers, burgers, and pizzas do no good to your liver. These food items are high in saturated fat or trans-fat content and are difficult to digest. In other words, your liver needs to work hard to process these food items.

Can you have a cheat day on carnivore diet? ›

If you're practicing a carnivore diet with integrity, you've already done a fantastic job eliminating processed foods, plant toxins, and sweets. So even occasional treats like a piece of cake at a wedding or birthday party are totally fine as long as you're aware of how it does, or doesn't effect your craving patterns.

Can you drink vodka on carnivore diet? ›

A carnivore diet meal plan is straightforward: only meat and other animal products like cheese and butter. Alcohol is made from fermenting grains and fruit. This makes alcohol on carnivore a clear no go.

How long should you fast on carnivore diet? ›


Also called time restricted feeding because you limit your food intake to an 8 hour window and abstain from food for the remaining 16 hours. Half of that time, you sleep through. This type of fasting is done daily and is a great starting point for most carnivores.

Are humans naturally carnivores? ›

Although many humans choose to eat both plants and meat, earning us the dubious title of “omnivore,” we're anatomically herbivorous. The good news is that if you want to eat like our ancestors, you still can: Nuts, vegetables, fruit, and legumes are the basis of a healthy vegan lifestyle.

How do wolves not get sick eating raw meat? ›

Why don't wild animals get food poisoning from eating raw meat? There are a few reasons for that. A fresh kill hasn't had any time to grow lots of bacteria, pathogenic or not in the way that our meat does, given the time that comes between death for the meat animal and us actually eating their meat.

Do carnivores get parasites? ›

The pooled proportion of intestinal parasites of carnivores was estimated as 80.4% (95% confidence interval=70.2-88.8%). The overall prevalence of gastrointestinal parasites in dogs, cats, foxes, and jackals were 57.89%, 90.62%, 89.17%, and 97.32%, respectively.

Why do meat eaters age faster? ›

Meat elevates C-reactive protein (hs-CRP).

A human study just published related meat intake to higher levels of arachidonic acid, another mediator that promotes inflammation and aging, and a diet low or absent in meat was recommended for optimal health.

Are meat eaters happier than vegetarians? ›

So they expected to find the vegetarians would have higher incidences of issues like depression, anxiety, and mood problems. Instead, they found the opposite result. Vegetarians scored lower on depression tests and had better mood profiles than their fish- and meat-eating peers.

What is a person called who eats fish but not meat? ›

Most simply, a pescatarian is someone who doesn't eat red meat or poultry, but does eat fish and other seafood. The term pescatarian was coined in the early 1990s and is a combination of the Italian word for fish, “pesce,” and the word “vegetarian.” Sometimes it's spelled “pescetarian,” but this means the same thing.

What is the latest research on carnivore diet? ›

32% of the participants said the carnivore diet improved, and 61% said it resolved hypertension. Those participants who had diabetes had a significant weight reduction and stopped being reliant on diabetes medication. 24% of diabetics said the diet improved, and 74% said it resolved their condition.

Is a carnivore diet healthy for humans? ›

The carnivore diet consists entirely of meat and animal products, excluding all other foods. It's claimed to aid weight loss, mood issues, and blood sugar regulation, among other health issues. However, the diet is extremely restrictive and likely unhealthy in the long term.

What is the 2022 carnivore diet Study? ›

A 2022 study published in BMC Gastroenterology found that diets heavy in red meat, sweets and processed oils increase risk for NAFLD. The diet is also a poor choice for people with chronic kidney disease, or CKD, even if they aren't on dialysis.

Can you heal your gut with carnivore diet? ›

The carnivore diet does two things at once: It infuses the gut with the gut-healing benefits of bone broth while also eliminating harder-to-digest vegetables, legumes, grains, and nuts and seeds. In other words, it still allows a person to get beneficial nutrients while giving the gut a break from working so hard.

Can humans survive on an all meat diet? ›

All in all, you wouldn't be healthy or comfortable. That said, some groups of people have survived—even thrived—on an animal-only diet. Research suggests that traditionally the Inuit ate any number of meats, including seal, whale, caribou and fish. But they rarely, if ever, ate plant fiber.

Is carnivore healthier than vegetarian? ›

Vegetarians appear to have lower low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and lower rates of hypertension and type 2 diabetes than meat eaters. Vegetarians also tend to have a lower body mass index, lower overall cancer rates and lower risk of chronic disease.


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